Wednesday, June 30, 2010


30 June 2010
Today. .I go to Puri mall to watch Eclipse movie ^^
I go with Irma and Dimas
studio 1
line J

Monday, June 28, 2010

unnie ham

Seungyeon said :

"If I'm not smiling,it's like to make people become inferior , 

and that's why, smiling is an important part for me,

because if I'm not smiling, I fierce and it seems very different when I smile."

cr : SeungYeonfacts

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Just want to share my favorite thing beside my dolls. .

I really love this high heels. .

it's heels about 10 cm. .

make me really higher *LOL*

This my first high heels !!!!!!!!

My mom bought it for me. .

I was begging it for my last prom at senior high school^^

I really love my MoM. . . *saranghae*

I'm so fond of high heels from watching Korean dramas 'Heading to the ground'. .

In the movie, the female lead (played by Go Ah Ra) says that, 'High-heeled shoes are a woman's self esteem'

Since then, I started to learn to wear high heels as often as possible. .^^

nowadays, I recently use it when I go to church. .

I'm very confident with wearing high heels, because I look taller than usual. .

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Edit Photo

experiment with my sister's doll, ANOI

recently, I am doing some photoshop. .

I learn how to edit picture. .

I am using Photoscape. .

Just playing with colour, margin, and put my name ^^

Friday, June 25, 2010


Do you know that the moment i saw you,
I knew you were the one to walk along this road together.

Beautiful days are to come ahead of us.

I wanna be with you my love,
I promise beneath the sun
That i will look after you,
I wanna love you forever,
Can’t you see my heart?
Breathe beside me,
Because i love you,

Do you know that you are my sunshine?
I want to confess, my love
Please stay by my side, forever.

No matter what hardship is to come,
We will overcome with our love.

Look at me forever,
Hug me forever,
Love me forever,
So that we may be happy.
I will only look at you (forever)
And i pray that we will be happy

I wanna be with you my love,
I promise beneath the sun
That i will look after you,
I wanna love you forever,
Let’s make our love come true
So that we may be happy forever
With beautiful days to come.
I love you,

SS501 - Forever (영원토록)
lyric by : Heo Young Saeng

Monday, June 21, 2010


30 Things from a woman who needs a man to know: 

1. When a woman says she is sad, but she did not shed tears, that means she's crying in her heart.

2. If she ignores you after you hurt her, you better give her time to compose herself before you reprimand by saying sorry. 

3. Women are hard to find something that she hates about the people she loves most (and therefore many women who was heartbroken when the relationship broke up in the middle of the road). 

4. If alone a woman fall in love with a man, the man will always be there in mind though when she was with another man.

5. When she loves a thoughtful man sharply into her eyes, she'll melt like chocolate!

6. Women do like the compliment but do not always know how to accept praise.

7. If you do not like the girl who loves you half to death, starting with gentle love, do not be rude because there is a spirit in her that you will not know if she has made a decision, she'll do anything. 

8. If a girl is distancing themselves from you after you reject her love, let her for once. If you still want to consider her a friend, try gently admonished her. 

9. Women love to wreak what they think. Music, poetry, painting and writing is the easiest way they vent their hearts content.

10. Do not let occasional directly to women about what makes them feel useless.

11. Being too serious can turn off the mood of women.

12. When the first man she loved was still giving a positive response, for example him on the phone, the girl would be indifferent as if not interested, but really happy and she would scream barely ten minutes, all his friends will know the news .

13. A smile gives a thousand meanings for women. So do not smile at random to the woman.

14. If you liked the woman, start with friendship. Let her know you more deeply. 

15. If she gave a thousand and one reasons every time you take out, leave her because she was not interested in you. 

16. But if in the same time she was in touch or waiting for a call from you, continue your efforts to get her. 

17. Do not occasionally guessed what she feels. Ask her yourself! 

18. After a girl falls in love, she would often wonder why I never met this guy earlier.

19. If you are still looking for the most romantic way to seduce the girl alone, read the books of love.

20. If every time he saw a picture together, which was first sought by the woman who stood next to the his heart, and then himself. 

21. Ex-girlfriend will always be there in his mind but the man she loved is now going to be in place particularly in her heart! 

22. One saying 'Hi' alone is enough cheer the day. 

23. Just a good friend who knew what he was feeling and going through.

24. The most hated woman-good kind man with them solely for their friends to pick the most beautiful.

25. Love means loyalty, honesty and happiness unconditionally.

26. All women want a man she loved with all my heart ..

27. Weapons women are tears!

28. Women like it if the occasional person who loved to give her a surprise (a gift, flowers or just a romantic word). They will be touched and felt that she sincerely loved. By this, she would not hesitate to you. 

29. Women easily fall in love with men who pay attention to it and good for her. 

30. Actually easy to retrieve a woman's heart because what she wants is that feeling loved and cherished all my life.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wonder Girls

today. . 20 June 2010. .


held a concert @ Balai Kartini, Jakarta

They held a concert because they are the ambassador for Sony Ericsson phone

want to watch the concert, but I don't have any tickets


Just want to upload some Wonder Girls old pictures with ex-member, SUNMI. . 

Wonder Girls with JYP

Friday, June 18, 2010

Recommendation song

lately I've been listening to this song. .

an easy listening song from

C.N Blue ^^

- L O V E   L I G H T -

Lyric :

Korean Lyric
그댈 보면 얼굴이 빨개지고
그댈 보면 가슴이 두근두근
아이처럼 수줍게 말하고
그댈 보면 괜시리 웃음이 나
바보처럼 자꾸만 그래
아마 내게 사랑이 온 것 같아

그대는 내 마음 속의 President
내 가슴의 별 수놓지
I’m Genie for you Girl
내 숨을 멎게 하지
그대가 원하는 건 다
너를 사랑하니까
내 사랑에 이유는 없잖아 You know

그대는 Darling
밤 하늘 별빛보다 아름다워요
내 맘속 깊은 곳에서 반짝거리는
나 만의 사랑 빛

그대를 사랑해요 Darling
언제나 내 곁에서 빛을 내줘요
매일밤 바라보고
바라봐도 아름다워요
그댄 나의 사랑 빛

그댈 보면 구름을 나는 기분
유치해도 자꾸만 그래
아마 내게 사랑이 온 건 가봐

그대는 Darling
밤 하늘 별빛보다 아름다워요
내 맘속 깊은 곳에서 반짝거리는
나 만의 사랑 빛

그대를 사랑해요 Darling
언제나 내 곁에서 빛을 내줘요
매일 밤 바라보고
바라봐도 아름다워요
그댄 나의 사랑 빛

그대는 Lovely
저 하늘 햇살보다 눈이 부셔요
내 맘속 어둔 곳까지 밝게 비추는
나만의 사랑 빛

그대를 사랑해요 Lovely
두 눈을 감아봐도 그대 보여요
이렇게 바라보고
바라봐도 눈이 부셔요
그댄 나의 사랑 빛

English Lyric

when I look at you my face gets red
when I see you my heart goes thump thump
I talk with shyness like a kid
when I look at you I just smile out of nowhere
like a fool I keep doing that
I think love came to me

You’re the president of my heart
You’re my chests’ star embroider
I’m Genie for you girl
You make me stop breathing
whatever you want
because I love you
There’s no reason for my love you know

You’re a darling
You’re more beautiful than the stars above in the night sky
the shining thing deep inside my heart
my own love light

I love you darling
give me light next to me whenever
every night I look at you
and you’re beautiful even when I look at you
you’re my love light

when I see you I feel like I'm up on the clouds
it may be immature but I keep doing this
I think love came to me

You’re a darling
you’re more beautiful than the stars above in the night sky
the shining thing deep inside my heart
my very own love light

I love you darling
give me light next to me whenever
every night I look at you
and you’re beautiful even when I look at you
you’re my love light

You’re lovely
You’re more blinding than the sunlight up in that sky
you shine the dark places inside my heart
my own love light

I love you lovely
even if I close my eyes I see you
looking at you like this
you’re still blinding even when I see you
you’re my love light

* meaning of this song really touches my heart >_<

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rainy Days

These days the rain continues. .

very cold weather. .

although not able to go anywhere but I really enjoy the rainy days. .

stay at home. . 

whenever it rains it feels good. .

although alone, but feel comfortable, quiet, fun. . .

I really LOVE rainy day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oppa. .

SAENGI message towards fans ^^ :

Saying this one by one makes me feel pretty shy.

Listening to all these makes me recall,

we are always together as 5.

As time passes, We might not cherish the feeling of being as 5 as much.

Previously when I went to Japan alone

Apart from during concert, that was the first time I stood on the stage alone.

At that time, I seriously realised that,

Being in a group, you are never alone. It’s really a good thing

This can be counted as a late discovery for me.

Words to the members, of course I wanna thank them

This is for sure, do not have to say it specifically.

Thank you, 

Actually, I dont know what to say…

All of you are crying suddenly now.

I was prepared to smile all the way today, so I’m controlling the tears

(Fans: Just cry, Just cry it out)

Now that you are asking me to cry, I can’t do it..

What should I say to the fans….

so cute SAENGI . . . >_<

really want to cry when I watch all the performance last night. .

SS501 crying on stage *except SAENGI ^^*

Triple S will support them forever . . .

source : Chinese translation + English translation (Celina)

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Birthday

It was my Birthday.  .

13th June 2010. .

My best friends give me surprise by kidnapped me to Taman Anggrek mall. .



They must be shy to brought me there. .


Thanks to my best Friends. .

Irma, Cindy, Jeanne. . .

pic source : google

Friday, June 11, 2010

Favorite Thing^^

Just want to share my favorite doll^^

I gave a name for it,  called GEBET / DIDI

He is my favorite doll besides my cow family ^^

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5th Anniversary




더블에스 501


. .SUPER STAR 5 people become 1. .


source : SS501Fighting

Monday, June 7, 2010

Artist of The Month ^^


My new favorite boy band from South Korea

U-KISS belongs to :

Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star

Their fans club named :


Debut on 28th August 2008, under NH Media Ent.

Member :


11 March 1989

The PowerVocal of U-KISS

Alexander / Lee Eusebio

29th July 1989

He can speaks 7 languages

Kim KiBum

29th December 1990

U-KISS Leader

Lee KiSeop

17th January 1991

U-KISS new member^^ 

ELI / Kim Kyoung Jae

13rd March 1991

U-KISS Rapper
KEVIN / Woo Sung Hyun

25th November 1991

U-KISS Angel, he was lived at San Fransisco


29th June 1994

U-KISS Magnae

I love their songs. .

Without You, Talk To Me, Mworago, Bingeul Bingeul . .

my most favorite member is KEVIN and SooHyun !!!

KEVIN is really my type beside SAENGI of SS501 ^^

He has nice vocal and also nice personality. .

Actually he looks like a girl. . >_<

I like SooHyun because he looks like Gong Yoo from Coffee Prince. .

Love his attitude to be the big brother of U-KISS. .

He take care of his dongsaeng, besides he is not the leader. .

Love his voice too, in Talk To Me song ^^

> My favorite Couple <