Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oppa. .

SAENGI message towards fans ^^ :

Saying this one by one makes me feel pretty shy.

Listening to all these makes me recall,

we are always together as 5.

As time passes, We might not cherish the feeling of being as 5 as much.

Previously when I went to Japan alone

Apart from during concert, that was the first time I stood on the stage alone.

At that time, I seriously realised that,

Being in a group, you are never alone. It’s really a good thing

This can be counted as a late discovery for me.

Words to the members, of course I wanna thank them

This is for sure, do not have to say it specifically.

Thank you, 

Actually, I dont know what to say…

All of you are crying suddenly now.

I was prepared to smile all the way today, so I’m controlling the tears

(Fans: Just cry, Just cry it out)

Now that you are asking me to cry, I can’t do it..

What should I say to the fans….

so cute SAENGI . . . >_<

really want to cry when I watch all the performance last night. .

SS501 crying on stage *except SAENGI ^^*

Triple S will support them forever . . .

source : Chinese translation + English translation (Celina)